This is one of the most extensive, comprehensive Teacher Training programs in the world. It gives you the tools to instruct a variety of populations in a range of settings and to pursue teaching part-time or as a full-time career.
Students teaching one another
Student performing advanced yoga asana
Teacher Training 1
  • Instruct fundamental poses, breathing techniques, yoga nidra, meditations and more.
  • Plan individual classes and longer courses with themes that accommodate a variety of populations.
  • Learn to teach students with special needs in one of the best applied anatomy and physiology programs in the country.
  • Study basic principles for developing a yoga-based business including marketing and record-keeping.
  • Learn to support your students - and yourself - to maximize benefits and prevent burnout.
This program is registered with Yoga Alliance at the
200 hour level.
Pre-requisite: Yogic Studies 1

Teacher Training 2
  • Grow your classes by providing options for students with different needs and levels.
  • Teach a variety of intermediate practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, shatkarma, kirtan, meditations and more.
  • Gain valuable experience in instructing the more subtle aspects of yoga.
  • Refine your delivery of foundation practices.
  • Organize weekend retreats and lectures.
  • Cover student support skills, working with students with special needs, and business planning in greater depth.

This program is registered with Yoga Alliance at the
300 hour level
Pre-requisites: Teacher Training 1 and Yogic Studies 2

An emphasis on "learning by doing" grants students numerous opportunities to teach others and receive feedback from senior instructors.
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Teaching Asana
Teach poses safely and modify them according to student need, including to people with various health concerns and levels of fitness.
Teaching Pranayama
Teach pranayama practice safely and modify them to suit different experience levels. These breath techniques include expanding practices, nadi shodana, bhramari, ujjayi, bhastrika (bellows breath) and many more.
Teaching Meditation
Teach a variety of meditation techniques in a safe, accessible manner to different levels of practitioners. Practiecs covered include kaya sthairyam (body steadiness), antar mouna (inner silence), yoga nidra and more.
Teaching Mudra and Bandha
Effectively convey these subtle, powerful techniques.
Teaching Shatkarmas
Instruct the ancient hatha yoga cleansing practices for modern needs.
Teaching Mantra & Kirtan
Lead how to explain and lead simple mantras and kirtans.
Class Planning
Create balanced and appropriate classes that either stand alone or progress over time.
Course Planning
Sequence and progress classes in a way that engages your students over weeks, months, or longer.
Teaching Special Needs
Overview of commonly seen modifications for students attending general classes as well as specific guidelines for adapting practices for various populations and in different teaching environments.
Anatomy and Physiology
Apply theoretical principles with the depth necessary to safely teach and adapt beginner through intermediate techniques.
Professional Yoga Teacher
Efficiently plan, organize, promote and manage yoga classes; establish and maintain a yoga-based business.
Qualities of a Yoga Teacher
Understand the ethical and legal framework of teaching and consider the attributes that define a Satyananda Yoga teacher.
Student Support Skills
Practice effective communication skills while maintaining personal boundaries. Learn when and how to make referrals to other health professionals.
Health and Safety
Incorporate principles of care in preparing the teaching environment.
First Aid & CPR
This is a separate unit undertaken independently by the student to obtain and maintain ongoing certification.

Teacher Training Subjects